10 Family-Friendly Activities to Combat Cabin Fever

Do you have kids? It can be argued that it can be doubly hard to self-quarantine at home with kids, mostly because they get bored easily and need activities almost constantly. You wouldn’t want them staring at digital screens all day.

There’s one positive twist to this current world crisis, though. You get TONS of quality family time, which you wouldn’t have enjoyed if schools and offices were open. So let’s take a look at some of the fun activities that you and your kids can enjoy at home!

1. Forts! Forts! Forts!

dog in a box

Nothing screams vacation time more than forts. And it’s up to you to choose which material to use - go with the classic cardboard box forts which you can decorate as you wish. Or go big and embody your inner Troy and Abed by creating your very own pillow or blanket fort.

2. Did Someone Say Buried Treasure?

Have you met a kid who doesn’t want to be a pretendsies pirate? No, you haven’t. Take this chance to take a deep dive into their imagination. Concoct your very own treasure hunt at home. And if you can, come up with costumes and props for everyone to enjoy! Don’t stress too much about what the treasure could be -- the fun is in the hunt!

3. Get Baking!

close up of chocolate chiip cookies

Kids love to help out in the kitchen - so let them, even if they end up making a mess. It’s a nice activity to keep everyone busy. Plus! You get a yummy treat at the end of it. Go for their favorites: cakes, cookies, brownies… anything! This is also a great chance to teach them about different ingredients, how to measure, and other important lessons such as patience and cleanliness.

4. Have a Picnic… Indoors

Take your picnic blanket (or any sheet, really) and enjoy a picnic in your living room. Enjoy whichever food you’ve prepared. And here’s a nice bonus: no ants and bugs! Moms and dads can definitely relax while everyone’s enjoying their meal. After eating, you can play games, sing songs, share stories, and more.

5. Have Olaf Read Stories to You

Maybe not Olaf, but Josh Gad (the actor who voices Olaf in Frozen). The celebrity (who is also a parent) gets how hard it can be to deal with bored kids during home quarantine. As a treat for parents and kids, he has been streaming readings of children’s stories on Twitter. Simply follow the hashtag #AtHomeWithOlaf.

NCIS actor Eric Olsen has been doing the same thing, together with his kids, on Instagram!

6. Have a Dedicated “Learning Space”

woman teaching children at home

It’s nice to have tons of fun, but we shouldn’t forget about using this opportunity to teach kids new things - or to brush up on things they have been learning in school. This can be a designated space for doing homework (if your kids are attending online classes). Having a specified space for learning helps them adjust and leave behind their “playing” mode and go to “studying” mode.

7. Video Chats and Conferences

Use Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or any other app that you prefer to connect with family members who are far from you. Or maybe just check in with your friends. Your kids will appreciate being able to talk to these important people in their lives, too. They can even call and check in on their classmates or playmates!

8. Bring Out the Board Games

Go for your favorites - Monopoly, Scrabble - or even learn new ones! Teach your kids what the classics are, or have them teach you any new board games that they know about. Card games are also a great way to spend time while honing logic and math skills!

9. Be Puzzle People

unsolved puzzle on a table

People who are into puzzles could well be among the most relaxed during this time. They’re used to a quiet time, doing nothing for long periods of time except getting ONE job done: completing a puzzle. Do one with the entire family. Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes, designs, and difficulty levels.

10. Charades!

This one is a foolproof way to bond as a family. No talking, just acting out and having fun. Play teams if you can, and kill boredom the best way anyone could!


For Non-Family Households:

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