Five Reasons Why You Should Play Golf

Golf is believed to have originated from Scotland and has eventually spread to England and the rest of the world. It’s a very common sport which has been played for at least 400 years or so. There are various types of players and each one has a compelling reason why they engage in the sport.

Reasons for Playing Golf

Five Reasons Why You Should Play Golf

In general, golf is a fun pastime that offers a range of physical and mental benefits. If you’re thinking of reasons why you should get into the sport, here’s what you need to know.

Golf is Open to All Ages

Unlike most sports, golf is enjoyed by players coming from different age brackets. Every golf club has a senior and a junior section. You can become a golf player even before you start school and after you retire. Tiger Woods allegedly started playing the sport at the age of two. PGA’s oldest member, Gus Andreone, made his last hole-in-one at the age of 104.

It’s an Unpredictable and Highly Versatile Sport

You can play the same course over and over again but no game is ever the same. The players and the conditions are always different. And you can always change it up. You can play greensomes, foursomes, stableford, medal, and a whole lot of different formats.

Golf can also be played individually or as a team. When played as a team event, the number of people in a team can be adjusted. You can play it with a partner or with a dozen other people. You can even choose how many holes you’d want to play. You can go for the standard nine or 18-hole but if you want to keep it simple, you can just play loops of five or six holes.

Another proof of golf being a versatile sport is that you can practice it anywhere you’d like. It doesn’t always have to be in the field. While you can always practice on the range, you can also practice in your own garden or living room!

It’s Challenging and Promotes Sportsmanship

While it’s quite easy to learn golf, it’s probably a hard sport to master. Seeing as there’s lots of different terrains to explore, top scores to beat, new players to meet, and new courses to play, golf is extremely challenging.

However, if you love the challenge and a load of friendly competition, then golf is a good sport for you. Even if you play individually, you will always set yourself up against a new terrain or the course itself. And if you choose to play with other golfers, you can compete with any player regardless of your opponent or your level of expertise.

It Reduces Stress and Promotes Mental Well-Being

Golf is one of those sports that helps you connect with nature. Simply walking through a golf course provides you with an opportunity to breathe in fresh air. The walking also helps boost your endorphin and serotonin levels, leading to reduced anxiety and stress.

During a game, your mind weighs up a variety of factors. It focuses on the different facets of the game. This helps you relax while at the same time keeping your mind sharp and alert. It’s a beautiful way to maintain your mental well-being.

It Promotes Physical Fitness

While golf is a low impact sport, it does require a lot of walking. An average 18-hole course is about 6 miles long, not to mention the level of elevation they need to tackle. As mentioned, golf courses are built on varying terrains. Sometimes, a golfer will need to sprint back to the tee when playing medal especially once the tee shot is lost.

Apart from all the walking involved, swinging a golf club requires coordination. It’s considered to be a full-body exercise as each swing requires you to use balance, as well as your arms, legs, back, and ab muscles.


Five Reasons Why You Should Play Golf

All in all, golf is a highly rewarding sport that enhances concentration, physical fitness, and a general sense of well-being. It can be frustrating and players, especially the new ones, will get to experience a few hand blisters before they get their swing right but there’s no sport quite like it. It promotes camaraderie and sportsmanship. Besides that, what other type of sport is challenging enough but provides you with enough leeway to enjoy a snack in the middle of a game? Only golf. 

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