9 Anti-Anxiety Activities To Calm Your Mind

Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world. In the US, it affects about 18.1 % of the population each year. The disorder is more than just feeling stressed out, worried, or uncomfortable. It develops from a set of complex factors which can beanything from genetics, life events, body chemistry, or personality, among others. 

Dealing With Anxiety

9 Anti-Anxiety Activities To Calm Your Mind

People who suffer from anxiety find it hard to cope with daily life. Anything can be a stressor and trigger an attack. Once the sense of unease starts, it’s not always easy to control. Nonetheless, anxiety is treatable

Ways To Cope With Anxiety

1. Exercise

9 Anti-Anxiety Activities To Calm Your Mind

Exercise can help relieve the body of stress. Most activities that involve sustained muscle movement are known to aid in lowering stress hormones. Some activities you may try are jogging, yoga, or dancing. Moreover, exercise can increase the production of endorphins, a neurotransmitter that elevates mood and reduces pain, resulting in a positive state of mind and better sleep quality.

2. Creative Expression

9 Anti-Anxiety Activities To Calm Your Mind

Creativity is known to help relieve anxiety. You may do this by putting your thoughts into writing, creating art, or coloring. These activities can be fun and allow the mind to concentrate in a relaxed manner. Practicing these methods have also shown to reduce stress and discomfort.

3. Reading And Listening

9 Anti-Anxiety Activities To Calm Your Mind

Reassuring words can be soothing for those who deal with sudden bouts of stress. Read a book or listen to a soothing audiobook to melt away your worries. Choose books that you enjoy, whether they are inspirational anecdotes, self-help books, or fictional stories. This activity is not only enjoyable, it can also aid your journey towards overcoming anxiety.

4. Build A Routine

9 Anti-Anxiety Activities To Calm Your Mind

Following a daily schedule can make you feel more in control of your life and your emotions. This can also improve your mood and general outlook. You may start building your routine by setting a specific time for each activity, such as the time to wake up and go to sleep. The stability of your tasks can make you feel more at ease.

5. Take A Walk Or Drive

9 Anti-Anxiety Activities To Calm Your Mind

Staying inside four familiar walls each day may also become stressful. An occasional change in surroundings is known to make a huge difference. Being with nature can also reduce stress, effectively lowering your blood pressure and tension. These activities can also allow you to clear your head and refocus. Group walking is also a good option. If you need conversations with other people without feeling trapped, this activity can be helpful.

6. Reduce Caffeine Or Sugar Intake

9 Anti-Anxiety Activities To Calm Your Mind

When you feel anxiety creeping in, your heart usually starts palpitating. In some cases, consuming caffeine can worsen your condition. To prevent triggering an attack, reduce consuming drinks or food with caffeine. 

In addition, a high amount of sugar consumption can weaken the body’s response to stress. Both sugar and caffeine are stimulants that affect the central nervous system.

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7. Spend Time with People

9 Anti-Anxiety Activities To Calm Your Mind

Talking to people you are comfortable with can help reduce your stress. Human interaction can be beneficial in overcoming the feeling of loss of control. These people can be anyone from your friends, family, or medical professionals such as therapists. Engaging in conversations can also allow you to manage and pinpoint factors that can help or trigger your anxiety.

8. Be Organized

9 Anti-Anxiety Activities To Calm Your Mind

A cluttered environment may also trigger anxiety. Cleaning up even just one area of your home can make you feel more in control of your feelings and your body. Moreover, a well-organized space can also help clear your mind. Make a list of activities or chores you need to accomplish for the day. A straightforward and fixed schedule will allow you to feel less overwhelmed of the things you need to do.

9. Consider Taking Supplements

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