What Makes OPTML Great

We’ve seen a renaissance in health and fitness for the past two decades. It’s been very exciting with all the new discoveries and breakthroughs about helping the human body reach its maximum potential. It’s an exciting era for improvement, and OPTML is proud to be at the forefront of these changes.

Achieve Goals With OPTML

As a nutrition company, OPTML aims to help inspired and driven people reach their goals. We specialize in the latest biohacking and mind-body enhancement technology to keep you on top of everything you want to achieve. This passion alone makes us great, but below, we’re delving into why OPTML is the best!

We Create Products With You In Mind

OPTML was founded to help inspired and passionate individuals reach their ultimate physical and mental potential. With that said, OPTML ensures that all the research and testing study put into creating our products deliver and cater to every customer’s needs. Since our aim is to empower and inspire everyone, to take control of their body, we at OPTML make sure our products do just that.

What Makes OPTML Great

Intensive Scientific Research

We’re dealing with health and wellness here, so OPTML makes sure that we are up to date with what’s new in nutrition and biohacking, doing in-depth research based on true science. For the benefit of our customers, we fine-tune and continually improve our products to make sure that everyone gets the most out of every bottle.

Only Quality Ingredients

As we work towards helping our customers become the best they can be, it’s only natural that we give you the best. Using high quality ingredients is a big deal to us. We source our raw ingredients from the places where they grow best. OPTML works tirelessly to source the best ingredients for each of our products.

Safe And Effective

Here at OPTML, safety is our number one priority. We make sure to follow all industry regulations, aside from our own set of standards. All OPTML products are FDA-Approved and validated by peer-reviewed studies. In addition, a number of independent organizations have set up additional quality and testing standards that exceed FDA standards. OPTML is active in several of these programs. 


Check out what some of our regular customers have to say about our products:

“Being in a profession where you have to design and develop software and be extremely detail oriented these pills helped me a lot. Sometimes I need to recall codes on in details it made very easy to access those details and helped me to remember codes and functions. Good work guys.” - Q. Renteria

NootropX is a Gamechanger for Chemo Patients! I started taking NootropX about 3 months ago and I am out of Chemo for just over 2 years from Colon Cancer. I still have Neuropathy in my Feet and Fingers, and Tinnitus in my ears due to the Neurological damage that Chemo leaves you with. I also have memory problems, dizziness, and lack of interest. Just a few days after taking NootropX, my Dizziness was gone, Memory and Focus noticeably improved, and my feet are tingling more every day as the nerves come back online. My feet were still 80% numb before NootropX, and now I’d say 70% after 3 months with this supplement. And last but not least, my Tinnitus has stabilized and is quieter. (Tinnitus is in the Brain, not the Ears by the way, if anyone has it,. It’s an early sign of mental problems like Dementia, and Alzheimer’s.) I definitely recommend this product, especially for Chemo Patients. It’s a Godsend!” - Bill E.

“I've tried many different running "endurance enhancers", and OPTMLs Running Performance supplement has been by far the best. It definitely increases my endurance for long distance running, and holds it's endurance boost afterwards for extra crossfit workouts. I am very impressed with this product's ability to keep me going throughout my runs, mile after mile. Definitely recommended and a great bang-for-your-buck.” - Amazon Customer

“First-time buyer and couldn't be happier. I ordered it last night and came the next morning. I tried out one capsule and I feel really positive and energized. I'm glad I took the plunge on this product. I love how much you get for the price. Best price/quality around. They got me as a repeat buyer for sure.” - Javier Cruz

There are countless other reasons why our customers keep coming back and support our products, and the statements condensed above depict a good picture of our customer base..