OPTML Self-Care Tips for Valentine’s Day

Spending Valentine’s Day without a special someone? Don’t worry - you’re not alone. You can be your own valentine. And unlike what we’ve been programmed to think, you don’t have to drown in calories in the process.

Let’s declare Valentine’s Day the new Self-Care Day! It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or going solo this time of year. There’s no better holiday to focus on showing self-love for yourself. You work hard, you do right. Like the famous meme from Parks and Rec says, every so often, you’ve got to:

Treat Yo Self

Self-Care Tips for Valentine’s Day

Wherever you go during this season, stores will be full of champagne, flowers, and chocolates. But you aren’t required to follow the mold. Here, we’re listing down some ideas for self-care and me-time that would actually be good for you (and your health).

Stretching Science

Cats look so happy and relaxed when they do those extended stretches. Who says it’s just for cats? We work all week, absorbing all the stress and tension in the world, not knowing that it can create negative effects on your well-being. Think of the areas of your body where you hold stress and tension, and perform a quick (or long) stretch. Stretches not only relax you but also help release happy hormones. Why do you think so many people get into yoga and meditative exercises? We recommend doing them daily if you can.

Tea Party for One

...or two. Or three. It doesn’t matter how you like your tea parties, the most essential part of the experience lies in the health benefits of the hot beverage. A nice and hot cup of tea triggers a cue for the body, instructing it to relax, calm down, and get cozy - as if whispering, it’s self-care time.


practice aromatherapy

Take a deep breath and allow the stress in your body to slowly fleet away. It’s even better to do breathing exercises together with aromatherapy. Choose your favorite essential oil or scent, and allow yourself some time to enjoy the quiet. Envelope yourself in the moment, and try to empty your mind. Focus on your breathing.

We recommend peppermint candles, or even using some herb-infused lotion on your skin. Of course, essential oils work wonders. Dab a small amount on your temples to feed your mind and senses with some kindness.

Sleep In

No one said you have to spend the day doing something extra special. Go get the zzzs you deserve, especially if you work late and wake up early regularly. Reward yourself with more energy, clarity, and focus that only a full night’s sleep can afford. Sleep in late - or take an afternoon nap - whichever relaxes you best.

If you are having issues falling asleep (let’s face it - when we’re used to being “on the go” all the time, it’s hard to just stop), then a sleeping aid is a good idea. But it’s better to use one made with only natural ingredients to make sure you’re in safe hands. OPTML Sleep is made with a potent nature-derived formula that promotes sound, restful sleep. It also effectively aids in relaxation and ease of body tension.

Unplug for a Day

We talk about it a lot, but often we don’t do anything about it. Let go of your electronic devices. If a whole day is a stretch, you can start with a few hours at most. Mute the phone, tablet, and computer. Think of it as a device holiday.

Make a Difference

There is such a thing as Helper’s High. It might sound fake - pretentious, even. But there are some people who get an influx of happy hormones when they help others out. Basically, it’s like an altruism pill. It’s up to you what these tasks could be. You can check out charities to help with, but it doesn’t have to start so big right away. Random acts of kindness can really go a long way. Seeing a smile on a face because of something you said or did is quite a feat.

Reboot & Recalibrate

Take care of yourself

We live in a busy world. As adults, we are wired to spend most waking hours working and being productive. We do this to achieve our goals, and somewhere along the way, we can get distracted with additional tasks, side goals, and more. Overwhelming ourselves in the process, both the body and mind take a beating. Take this one day this month to recalibrate your mindset - and your body will follow suit. 

Improve your mood by taking a pause, looking in the other direction, and sitting down. Write a short list of the positives (for a change): 3 things I did great today, or 3 goals I accomplished today - and so on. 

To help yourself focus, de-stress, and give your mind and body a refreshing restart, you can take nootropics. OPTML NootropX, for instance, improves your focus and mental acuity without bringing jitters on the table. It’s also a great supplement for combatting anxiety and stress without feeling tired and drowsy all the time.

Remember that these tips don’t need to be confined to just one day a year. Your body and mind work for you all year long. They deserve some love and self-care more often - and so do you.

Take good care,

Your friends at OPTML