The Surprising Benefits of Anxiety

Anxiety has such a bad reputation. We try to avoid  feeling anxious as much as possible. However, occasional bursts of anxiety can be good for us. Below are some of the surprising benefits of anxiety.

It Can Save Our Lives

The reason why it is often hard to shut down feelings of anxiety is because it is actually part of our nature. It serves as a warning system. Anxiety is hardwired into our brains. Without it, humans wouldn’t have survived and rose to the top of the food chain. 

Anxiety can help us avoid danger by helping us detect potential threats. When you are in danger, you need to keep a heightened state of alertness so you can react quickly when the need arises. Anxiety can help you achieve and maintain this state.  

Imagine walking alone at night in a dark alley. Your anxiety helps you become more aware of your surroundings. When a cat jumps in front of you, you will instinctively run thanks to your heightened state of alertness. 

Even low-level anxiety has its uses. If you are entering a business deal for example, and you have a feeling that the person you’re dealing with is not to be trusted, that’s low-level anxiety trying to warn you. So apart from saving our lives, anxiety can also help us avoid losing property and money.

It Can Help Us Make Big Decisions

The Surprising Benefits of Anxiety

Anxiety can also help you make big and even life-changing decisions. For instance, women who have been proposed to might’ve felt a tinge of  anxiety when their fiance kneeled in front of them. 

If you need to decide whether or not to take on a new job or purchase a car or a house that is on sale, a little anxiety can push you to make a decision and not sit on the matter until the opportunity passes. 

Anxiety can help us become more assertive and decisive and prevents us from procrastinating especially when dealing with very important matters.

It Can Motivate Us To Take Action

If you find yourself procrastinating or feeling lazy to perform certain tasks, anxiety can provide the motivation you need to start moving. Anxiety about losing a job can help employees perform better and become more productive. 

Anxiety about failing and dropping out of school can push students to study harder. Have you noticed that most people perform better when under pressure?

Back in school, how many times have you written and finished a paper three hours before the deadline? How many times have you crammed for an exam and still passed? 

Anxiety can also improve our memory. This is the reason why we tend to remember more information when we cram for an exam. 

Fear of failure is one of the most common causes of anxiety. And because we are afraid to fail, the fear motivates us to work harder. 

Anxiety also has physiological features. It can trigger our sympathetic nervous system and adrenal glands to release adrenaline into our bloodstream causing a burst of energy to help finish the task at hand. 

Anxiety also boosts our brain functions. It helps us to become more aware and be in the present moment to be able to focus on the things that needs to be done. So during moments when we really need to perform well, the right amount of anxiety can help.

It Can Make Us Become More Empathetic

The Surprising Benefits of Anxiety

Anxiety also has some psychological benefits. The most important of which is that it can also help us become more empathetic. 

When we are reminded of the stressful experiences we’ve had, we acquire a kinder perspective towards others knowing that they may have undergone or are currently undergoing similar experiences. 

It can also provide us an insight into what other people are thinking or feeling when they start to become anxious. When we recognize anxiety in others, we develop the ability to respond in an appropriate manner. One that would lessen and not add to their burdens. 

Empathy is an important quality to develop if you want to become a good leader. When you are empathetic, you have the tendency to sense the needs of other people, especially those who depend on you. 

So stop being anxious about being anxious. You need to start recognizing the fact that even something such as anxiety can bring about good things. 

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